ASMR | Science and Technology of Instagram

Instagram actually has some interesting cold hard facts about science and technology. Let’s find out whats on there.

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26 thoughts on “ASMR | Science and Technology of Instagram

  1. I love "koalatrash" commenting on the Jim Carey post "If this is your new style then I'm gonna unfollow. I wanna see science shit and people who discover those shits." Gotta say I sympathise. What the fuck is with posts about villas in the Maldives?

  2. Pretty new subscriber here and I don't make it far into your videos the first time around but the second time I have learned so much. I like to think I'm subconsciouly learning as I sleep with it playing the first time around. But you have a great channel it reminds me of my original types of ASMR tingles like documentaries with a good narrator or like Bobb Ross type of ASMR. It's my favorite. Thanks very much for your channel! Love it
    Nietzsche is great by the way. Any time is a good time to bring him up.

  3. great video Rich! Here is a idea for you to consider; one of your classic "space book" flip thru videos with layered whispering, page flipping, book tapping, and etc. Just and idea!

  4. You're offering me such a valuable commodity. I can''t just fall asleep anymore. I need to be listening to something. You guve me the opportunity tto learn things. Lately I've been feeling a little under stimulated mentally because I haven't been in school for over a year now. This is really helping me out a lot. I support you all the way, I hope that you keep doing this because You've villed a gap that really needed to be filled.

  5. Let's find out – I enjoy you're videos☺ i hope you take the time to read all of this brotha, I know most people wont- nonetheless, very relaxing video. But this might be unsettling is you haven't already herd!

    Instagram = -millions of faces, that are watched, they're privacy stolen, like all social media's, they're daily routines exploited via a smartphone, tablet etc. hoovering up you're metadata and monitoring you're clickstreams, teaching artificial intelligence to think like a human and divide individuals into categories that range from "low self esteem, paranoid, disturbed, angry, sad, happy, suicidal, bi-polar, curious, dumb, smart, open-minded, skeptics, etc… by the pages you like, you're opinions, the narrative of you're comments, political views, what you consider normal, what videos you watch, how much time you spend reading something, and how often you watch, read, comment, and like. essentially, research has shown it creates a mental illness known as the social media addiction. the previous categories that I mentioned, is what government wants, primarily low self esteem(then the results from that research is sent to military agencies, corporations, and marketing. it provokes irrational conformity in these people, leaving the "irrational" unsatisfied because of what they beleive, when they meet the "rational". typically creating a war between people who think they know everything because of Wikipedia, discovery channel, the history channel, social media etc. And people who follow people like George Carlin, Edward snowden, nikola tesla, and other's who think outside the box and have been casted down as lunatics. But what is right and wrong? we as people have to learn that what was once ink between leather and paper, (the old books) has been destroyed, rewritten, And stashed away to continue the next generation of the Ancient Rome Like slave system of the ruling classes. 50% of bullcrap has been thrown into our education system to provide answers for the curious and the answers are the opposite/changed/ you can't beleive anything now, that is all done intentionally, it's distorted with new books, written articles and paragraphs for the young, that is now mostly the internet that is prone to change at any given time through a click of a button. All the old books were burned, but! rewritten and kept, and what was burned was also rewritten, but! the original texts that were rewritten were kept, and the other half that was rewritten reflects only a quarter of it all.. and it was thrown to the public, because if history has taught the ruling classes anything, is that the less educated people are, the better it is for the ruling classes. are we really that intelligent? I don't think so. intelligence is now a weapon, not history. see, the bible is dying, religion has been exposed. yes, we still have believers, but the faith is decaying. so, what governments need now is a new way to control people, and it's social media… which is also being used to teach artificial intelligence to come up with ideas for propaganda wars, military purposes, dividing people, color revolutions, coup d'état's, campaigns, media distractions, etc etc etc and etc…. based on human behavior. Science is now the correct term for enslavement.

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