Nature of Science

Explore the nature of science with The Amoeba Sisters. This video discusses why there is not just one universal scientific method as well as the importance of credible sources when researching. Vocab in experimental design including “control group,” “constants,” “independent variable,” and “dependent variable” are discussed. Video additionally shows how to place variables on a hypothetical graph.

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*************Further Reading Suggestions:***************

*Reflecting on teaching the scientific method?

-NSTA’s Position Statement on Nature of Science

*More about finding credible sources?

*How to read a scientific paper (for students)?

*More about how to graph (for students?):

*We mention ethics is an important discussion to have when doing work in science. Want to read more about ethical considerations? A great read:

*What do we mean science can be “creative?” Here’s a great read!

P.S. There actually is a lot of work on trying to prevent barnacles on boats (while also trying to not hurt the environment). While our example is using a hypothetical additive, read about this interesting way that instead involves using a special coating!

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Author: Amoeba Sisters

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  1. Video has a free handout here under 'Nature of Science': This is one of the first videos in our learning playlist! You can find our entire learning playlist under the video description. 🔬 P.S. One major goal of science is to develop scientific theories and scientific laws. But did you know there are misconceptions about those? For example, a scientific theory can never become a scientific law. And it's not "just a theory." We have a video on that here:

  2. People here are asking why they’re watching this in school, but here’s a new one: Why am I watching this OUTSIDE of school? And here’s the answer: I just like the drawings and stuff.

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